Work With Us

We are looking to grow the core team!

Mutual Credit Services has more work than it can handle. Thats not surprising, since were the only people, as far as we know, doing this work, this way. Also, were small, unfunded and not likely to break even for a while.

If, like us, you cant think of anything more useful in the urgently needed efforts to avert system collapse than building an economic system that works with, rather than against, life, then you might be wondering how to contribute to the changes that are needed.

Our website is deliberately not written in marketing speak it is intended to filter for people who are interested in, and willing to grapple with, deeper systems-change work around finance and economics. But if you have had a good look at it, and share our analysis, then you might want to think about working with us.

We dont expect you to ‘get all of it immediately it has taken us years to get to this point but if you disagree with or dont recognise large parts of this, then it probably wont work out (also, if you have developed a whole set of proposals of your own, which you really want to see implemented, then probably youre best off finding a group of people with whom your work resonates, and building with them we wish you well!).

Whilst we hope that our website gives a sense of the ‘what, the ‘how is harder to communicate, and even more open-ended. We are very serious about building a properly diverse crew, and a humane and highly effective working environment, where we are all the time learning and refining our models and understandings.

Assuming this all sounds good and you’d like to talk with us about working together, we need to be upfront about a couple of things:

We need everything, but especially people with solid technical skills (across the stack), people with fundraising experience, community builders, someone to bring our website to life. Most of all, we need people who are willing to do the hard thinking on unorthodox economic theory and ‘mesoeconomy’ design, and then use that capacity to work with the fantastic and diverse pioneers, community activists, networkers, and new economy builders we are meeting from around the world.

Whilst our current focus is on the small business sector, we are interested in everything from community currencies to financing international trade, from turning the global property market into a commons, to reviving local shopping.

Still interested? Wed love to hear from you!

Read our website, watch the videos, write us a short piece about what you think you'd like to do here, learn here, how, why the more specific, the better. You can send it using the form on our contact page.

Well read it, and send you a proper reply, then take it from there.