About Us

Mutual Credit Services is a burgeoning social franchise dedicated to building a global Credit Commons.

We are Mutual Credit Services, founded in 2020 to deliver the credit creation and accounting mechanisms used by the corporate and financial sectors to small businesses and communities. Access to decentralised credit systems promotes resilience, autonomy, and adaptive capacity. Groups can establish their own governance structures and then voluntarily federate, supporting trade using globally-acceptable credit that remains grounded in local trust relations.

Our work is therefore to build a bridge to an economy underpinned by collaborative finance – where the tools for exchange and investment are controlled by and for value producers in the real economy, supporting community wealth, the circular economy, and the broader commons. We embed commons principles of mutual ownership and governance into all of our projects, with the resulting templates made available for worldwide adoption and adaptation.

Our social franchise business model is designed to enable us to provide the necessary support services to each group as determined by their context, whilst building the technical infrastructure of the emerging Credit Commons. MCS growing team brings diverse expertise from a variety of backgrounds, but we share a commitment to broadening access to collaborative finance as an equitable economic foundation for resilient communities and their priorities. If you are interested in starting a project in your context, please contact us.

Collaborators, Past and Present

Core Team

Dil Green

After a career as an architect and builder, Dil is now focused on the urgent need for social renovation, and convinced that digital tools designed to follow social needs offer a powerful support for development. Founder of Mutual Credit Services and the Open Credit Network, co-ordinator of the Protocol Circle at the Credit Commons Society.

Miles Thompson

Miles was a co-founder of Cashless and the Together Project, building decentralised mutual credit systems. He currently works as AI lead dev at Papa Reo, an Iwi-led indigenous AI project. Prior to this, he was the founding CTO at CreditSights, a financial research company in NYC (acquired 2020), and Chatterize, a Wellington AI startup (acquired 2022). He has experience as a programmer, tech lead, and technical architect. Miles has been actively involved in many mutual aid initiatives, including on the Resilience App during the early COVID crisis.

Tom Woodroof

Tom joined the first incarnation of the Mutual Credit Services collaboration after reading about mutual credit on Lowimpact.org. Along with Dil, he co-founded its current iteration, and spends most of his time on business development, project management, and R&D. He also convenes the Circular Trade Analytics forum and co-ordinates the Action Research Circle at the Credit Commons Society. He has a Ph.D in applied nuclear physics from the University of Liverpool.

Key Collaborators

Joyce Bowman

Joyce joined Mutual Credit Services upon learning of its work and mission. Alongside her professional work, she has supported and engaged with cohorts, movements, and organisations focused on analysing and challenging systemic issues that underlie wealth inequality, climate crisis, racism, and gender disparity. In 2019, she pivoted to software engineering and provides technical support and guidance to MCS. Joyce is also active in the Credit Commons Society. She has a J.D. and LL.M. from the University of Denver. jasmine16@protonmail.com

Chris Cook

Chris has been a legal designer, developer, and regulator of markets and enterprises for three decades, for six years as a director of the leading global energy exchange, responsible for the legal design of the UK Balancing Point natural gas futures contract & market. Since 1998 Chris has researched and developed innovative legal, accounting, and technology platforms. Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategy, Resilience & Security at UCL, Partner at IslandPower LLP, member of the Credit Commons Society.

Dave Darby

Dave worked on environmental projects in Romania in the 1990s, and in 2001 founded UK environmental organisation Lowimpact.org, where he blogs about environmental issues, behaviour change, and system change. He has been a director of the Ecological Land Co-op, was a co-founder of the Open Credit Network, and is working with MCS to launch the Stroud Housing Commons project. He is also active in the Credit Commons Society.

Tomaž Fleischman

Tomaž (BSc. Computer Science, MBA) specialises in trade credit and liquidity-saving mechanisms, bringing his broad industry and business experience into the development of monetary and payment systems. He joined Informal Systems as a Local Currency Developer to deliver on the promise of local money systems as the basis for self-sufficient local economies to prosper. He works closely with MCS on the Local Loop Merseyside project, and advises the core team on a range of business development activities.

Matthew Slater

Matthew is a ten-year veteran of complementary currencies, his free software used by LETS and time-banking projects around the world. He is an authority on monetary theory and mutual credit, having co-authored the Money & Society MOOC with professor Jem Bendell and run numerous workshops. In 2016 he co-authored with Tim Jenkin the Credit Commons white paper, which MCS has adopted as a core part of its blueprint for federated collaborative finance. He is the main developer in the Protocol Circle of the Credit Commons Society.

Victor Vorski

Victor began as a software developer, moving onto team lead, project manager, product manager and into experience design. Recently focusing on helping distributed teams become more effective through applying future-of-work ideas such as agile-business, sociocracy, teal, DDO, etc. Since completing an MBA in 2004 he also does start-up consulting, and supports MCS core team in this capacity.

Past Collaborators and Contributors

Sue Bell

Sue has a health and education background, working in management consultancy and organisational development for the NHS and the private sector. She ran Brixton LETS (local exchange trading system) from 2000-2004. She has since worked as a person-centred psychotherapist, and is now facilitating meetings of the Credit Commons Society and co-ordinating its Governance Circle. suebell@lifejourneys.co.uk

Oliver Sylvester Bradley

Oli runs The Open Co-op which produces an annual conference to encourage the development of the collaborative economy. He wrote his thesis on Encouraging Environmentally Responsible Behaviour and delivers marketing strategies for ethical brands through his consultancy DefactoDesign.com.

Shaun Fensom

Shaun is a freelance adviser on digital infrastructure strategy with over 30 years experience in digital and tech. Shaun has helped found a number of cooperatives including one of the UKs first ISPs and CNI, which enables public and private sector organisations to share fibre networks. s.fensom@broadband.coop

Trevor Hilder

Trevor is a qualified teacher who learnt systems thinking from professor Stafford Beer, the founder of management cybernetics. He wrote one of the first database systems to run on the IBM PC. He’s interested in what impact cloud computing, mobile telephony, and blockchain will have on the internet, finance, education, and work. He’s a Viable System Model specialist.


Peter Jones

One time tech: code; data and process design; project manager. Innovator, opportunity creator, troubleshooter. Currently working on: COVID emergency business support and re-skilling; mutual credit systems; cloud-based learning practice. Dad, husband, sporadic gardener.

Jakub Lanc

Background in computer science and psychology, worked at Impact Hub/co-founded a grassroots peer project focused on youth mental health. Immersed in commons and complementary currency since 2017, learning to develop on Holochain, preparing a P2P, Commons and Digital Identity course at Masaryk Uni, Czech Republic, weaving strands together in a municipal context.

Martin Lawson 

An electronics engineer by first degree, but a long-time generalist, with experience across general and corporate management, International NGOs, Middle East/North Africa, start-up, strategy, etc. Now works in the area of profit with purpose, doing consultancy-type work for charities and social enterprises with Resonance.
LinkedIn, martin.lawson@resonance.ltd.uk

Graham Mitchell

Graham has been working in/with/for co-operatives since the 80s. Set up a worker co-op, organised a community buyout. Currently working on a new social care co-operative, and a social/solidarity economy development organisation, and doing paid work on CiviCRM implementation/support. LinkedIn, Twitter, Cooperative Networks, mc3, graham@mc3.coop

Sophie Paterson

Sophie Paterson is a project co-ordinator for the Open Food Network, was a co-director of lowimpact.org for three years, and was a learning facilitator at the School for Social Entrepreneurs, Dartington.

Christopher Reay

Christopher is a lifelong entrepreneur supplying decision-critical business information at C-Level to multinationals: product design, systems/software analysis, and marketplace analysis. After building a successful blockchain and becoming disillusioned with the industry, Christopher has since been working on protocols for more human-centric alternative currencies.

Partner Organisations

We work closely with the Credit Commons Society, and are the host organisation for the Circular Trade Analytics forum. We also have a variety of partners on particular projects.